Leonard Jerald Moors, Jr.

Information last updated Tuesday, 22 May, 2012

Jerry Moors grew up in Santa Rosa, California.

His Grand-father's name was Franz H. Moors and was married to Johanna Fechter. She was born in Rochester, New York and was married to Franz Hubert Moors (1860-1956). Johanna died in about 1927 on their ranch located on the Mt. Home Ranch Road, near Calistoga, California. She was the mother of Jerry's father, Leonard Jerold Moors (Sr.) [1899-1978].

Jerry's paternal grand-mother was born in Rochester, New York.

Franz & Johanna met and married in Boulder, Colorado.--about 1885. Johanna's Mother's Surname was Thieman. They were Baptists and Johanna's Father was a Baptist Minister. It is said he came from Bavaria, Germany.

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