Evelyn "Lyn" Fechter Masnor, of Willow Springs, Missouri, passed away in 2008

Information last updated Tuesday, 22 May 2012


She did much research on her family name of Fechter. 

Her grandfather George was born in 1841 in Oberroedern, France and after living a short while in New York and then traveling across the country, he and his family lived in Moorehead, Minnesota, then Fargo, North Dakota, and finally ended up living in Tacoma, Washington,  where he died in 1919.

The Fechter name is rather rare, so she liked to touch base with anyone with that name. 

Kirk Fechter, her cousin, who kept in touch with Lynn, has set up an e-memorial online. Click here.

(Lyn was born as Evelyn Fechter [married name was Masnor]) daughter of Frank Stephen Fechter, grandaughter of George Fechter, great grand daughter of Louis Fechter of Oberroedern, France.

For more information about Lyn, you can contact Kirk Fechter.

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