Maryann McGeever, in Willoughby, Ohio

Date this page was last edited: Tuesday, 22 May, 2012

Father: Frank Fechter, from Washington Pennsylvania, relocated to Cleveland, Ohio (deceased)

 Grandfather: Frank Fechter, from Pittsburgh PA

 Brothers of Frank: Carl, Buster, Blaine Fechter (all deceased)

    2 male cousins with last name of Fechter from Blaine.

    Carl has a daughter, Donna.

 Sisters of Frank: Mildred, Lucy, Mary, Gertrude (all deceased)

    Gertrude has relations in Sheffield, Ohio. A Harry Fechter is related to Mildred.
 Children of Frank: Lorene Fechter, Maryann McGeever, Frank Fechter Jr, Nora
 Fechter, Ellen Arz all of Cleveland area. Harry Fechter in Camden TN


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