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In April 2001, Ellis Island officials and the Mormon Church introduced a new, on-line database. It contains records of the arrival of over 22 million immigrants who entered the Port of New York between the years 1892-1924. Click here to jump to that database.

Wolfgangus Fechter Wolfgangus Fechter (photo from Alexander Fechter, Vienna Austria). Alexander obtained it from a physician in Brussels, Belgium. The photo shows the date 1536. No other information is available.






Charles Albert Fechter. Cornell University Library database


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Sad story about Peter Fechter, from East Berlin, one of the first persons killed at the Berlin Wall, in 1962. 

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Fechters Furniture Manfacturer (South Africa)


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Oscar A. Fechter, Mayor of Yakima, Washington, USA
Yakima Raid and the Coal Famine, March 1907  
There is a Fechter Road in Yakima.

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My part of the Fechter family tree came from Ellenbach, Bavaria. It is near Hersbruck, which is north of Nürnberg, Germany (people spell it as Nuremberg in the USA).

Click here for a map of the Ellenbach and Hersbruck areas. Files are big so it may take a minute or two to download. 

Seal of the city of Hersbruck hersbruck-logoheb.gif

Nürnberg On-Line

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